Top questions for the new Lophophora babysitter williamsii or peyote

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Top questions for the new Lophophora babysitter williamsii or peyote

Top questions for the new Lophophora babysitter. People behind Mike asked a lot. Many people answered and asked to write it to read here.

=== The base is soft and wrinkled. What is it? ===

Must say that Loaf is a succulent cactus The tree is a good source of water storage and the delicate skin of the soft lofts. Normal People who used to be fed or used to catch lofts that were properly fed will know.

But if there is a soft deformation May mean that our fat children have problems

~~ How do we know that normal Or start to get sick
This is like a doctor and a patient. Must have a long history of washing
Is to see how the soil is Have you landed for a long time?
- If just landed and wilted, the roots are not walking well Still not able to fully absorb water >> This is normal watering, no need to add The roots walked tightly.
- If the soil is long and has been tight, withered, see watering (usually if the soil is clear When watering, watering until the water penetrates the bottom of the pot. Good to avoid Reduce the risk of frosts and crests
** Normally, if it rains, it will leave the watering range away.

~~ The softness of rot can be caused by many factors.
- In the case of grounding for a long time, the water is not locked. Water trapped in the soil until the hot sun is called "steaming" is that the tree is cooked from the heat of the water in the soil.
- In the case of just be caused by the wound, the root is still not dry to see the moisture and then rot. This is to read the way to get children into the house. Rest the roots after rooting Is very important At the beginning of the new party, I was impatient and lost 1 beautiful tree because of this.
- Rot the soil neck is a stone that is wound to be wound, moisture into the infection, rot, spread, preventive method is .... Choose a rock that is not bad.
- Rot from the water, the top is water, the water is locked, the sun hits the top, the infection is spread If you miss, take a soft cloth to dry. Blowing the fan is good.
- In the case of grounding for a long time The soil is quite moist The tree can tolerate (because before this was not a rainy season). Moist for too long Infectious root rot The protection method is ... The soil must be transparent. The place must not have water.

Try to diagnose the symptoms of the wood that you see.

We used to write about soil. The soil is very airy. Can also be applied to thorns At the same soil house, thorns, we put the outdoor sun, 100 rain, 100 rain, together 3-4 nights. Still not found dead rotten.

Another thing is that the water at the house is very clear. We also watered 10-15 days once.

Sometimes the stem is softened and may not be dehydrated. Try to observe the wood.

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