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Will be classified as an easy way 1. The formula Lophorphora is a 100% tree-like tree, because when it is 100% tree, the tree will burn immediately. The best tree should be 30% -70% depending on the age of lophorphora. Lophophora Young people want less. Lophophora section In the old, there is a lot of demand. And I don't recommend to directly impact the tree area. 2. Water formula There are many questions about how to give water to lophophora. In short, lophophora Younger adults need more water than older lophophora. Younger lophophora may need to give 2-3 times a week for water. At an old age 3. Temperature Certainly high temperatures are more suitable for growing lophophora than low temperatures. But if the temperature is very high Will cause the plants to bloom and attach many vegetables But the tree will grow slowly and give unattractive color. The optimum temperature is an important factor for lophophora.

Lophophora Today, scientists classify the species of Lophophora species into 5 main lines consisting of

It may be the question of many people who want to grow the lofo to be beautiful. The answer is about time and attention. Especially the issue of watering If possible, should not be watered on the hair at all. Use the method of raising the pots one by one. Which uses circular circulation from a large amount of wood Good soil should be very airy.

Chapter 2: After buying a new Lophophota After rooting and drying the roots for a long time Fat boy may be slightly wilted. Do not be shocked by the brutal rooting. Fasting for a while Have to be thin, thin, soft, normal Note: In the previous episode, forgetting one point is that if it's Diffusa, we won't cut a lot. And will desiccate less than others Due to stretching very fast Wait a minute. But anyway, desiccation Should let in the light. *** There is light, not sunshine. Children will scorch first ***

is a small, spineless cactus with psychoactive alkaloids, particularly mescaline.

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