Lophophora diffusa


Origin and Habitat: This is the southernmost population of Lophophora endemic of the of the state of Querétaro, México it grows only in a small area in the hight desert in a valley between Vizarron, Bucareli, and Toliman (Extent of occurrence about 300 km²). L. diffusa occurs at the south end of the range of the genus. Altitude: It grows at an elevations of 1,300 to 1,800 metres above sea level. Habitat and Ecology: Driest and stoniest desert Xerophytic shrubland, on calcareous soils where the soil is deep enough to allow the tuberous root to grow. L. diffusa grows mainly beneath the canopy of some locally dominant shrub and possible nurse plant (e.g. Larrea tridentata and Acacia sororia). The species is threatened by illegal collecting and use by indigenous people for medicine, and by collectors for ornamental trade. Collapse... Synonyms: Lophophora diffusa (Croizat) Bravo Lophophora echinata var. diffusa Croizat Lophophora williamsii subs. diffusa (Croizat) Scheinvar Lophophora williamsii var. diffusa (Croizat) G.D.Rowley Peyotl diffusus (Croizat) Sotom., Arred. & Mart.Mend. See all synonyms of Lophophora diffusa Common Names include: ENGLISH: False peyote, Peyote SPANISH (Español): Peyote de Querétaro, Peyote queretano Description: Globular spineless cactus with large tap root. Solitary or forming variable stemmed clumps with few stems or sometime large mounded group with several heads. This is the more primitive species of Lophophora. Stem: 2-7 cm tall, 5-12 cm in diameter (some population have larger stems up to 20-25 cm in diameter) Yellow-green or grey-green, usually lacking well-defined ribs and furrows. Ribs: 5 to 13 the podaria are rarely elevated, wavy, broad and flat. Areoles: With tufts of hairs that usually spread unequally on the prominent podaria. Flowers: Commonly whitish to yellowish-white (or pinkish white), 1,5-3 centimetres in diameter. Note: Lophophora diffusa is geographically isolated, but questionably distinct from Lophophora williamsii. Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Lophophora diffusa group Lophophora diffusa (Croizat) Bravo: Globular spineless cactus with large tap root. Solitary or forming variable stemmed clumps. Stem yellow-green or grey-green, usually lacking well-defined ribs and furrows. Lophophora diffusa var. koehresii Říha: This is probably the smallest Lophophora. It has big pale pink flowers with darker midstrip. Stem characteristically dark green coloured and the ribs are more strongly in relief. Lophophora diffusa subs. kubesae Halda, Kupčák & Malina: The particularity of this subspecies will be revealed only in older specimens that are larger in size and tend to form large multi-headed heaps, up to 1,5 mt in diameter.

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Products description
Botanical name: Lophophora williamsii
Common name: Peyote, peyotl
Family: Cactaceae
Native to: southern North America (Texas), North-Mexico
Life cycle: perennial
Flower colour: white to pink
Flower time (Central / West-Europe): Spring to Summer
Height: 5cm
Characteristics and usage: magical and medicinal plant, ornamental
Cultivation: Lophophora williamsii plants requiring warm and sunny conditions and a free-draining substrate, and to be kept dry and frost-free in winter.

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